Fashion Design Regional Competition: 1000$ Prize

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the official StarPoint Regional Design Challenge! This competition is to help young and creative artists like yourself to expand upon your ideas and turn them into reality. One top of all this you can win 1000$ and get YOUR DESIGN FEATURED IN OUR NEXT COLLECTION! All are encouraged to compete and the sky’s the limit. There are two items that must be completed first before you join the competition. 

1. Purchase a buy-in ticket for just 20$ and save it. Submit the receipt along with your design. ALL FUNDS EXCLUDING THE 1000$ PRIZE WILL BE DONATED TO CANCER RESEARCH FOR LUCA ON THE RIGHT!


2. Enter your email address to receive further details about how to participate and deadlines and rules of the competition. Also follow our instagram to be the first to know about different deals, collections, and new events we release. ALSO HELP US BLOW YOU UP IN THE FASHION WORLD WHEN YOU WIN!